Monday, February 22, 2010

Crescent Colours

My order of crescent colours arrived.  The colors are so vibrant!  Since I have started stitching more LHN charts, they seem to call for these more often.

BUT!! I also found this beautiful design that I am dying to get my hands on.  It was in parts, 1/2 and 3.  Christmas land.  From what I gather it is a chart pack (incl. silk threads & buttons)  Has anyone stitched this before, I would love to see it.


  1. Those threads are just beautiful - I love the overdyed threads. I don't think I have seen that pattern before - it is beautiful.

  2. I have Christmasland thread packs, just have to order fabric then I can start. It's actually 4 packs, not 3 and comes with silk threads and sweet JABC buttons in each pack.

  3. Hello Despina,

    where can I get this lovely design. Is this a design from LHN? I can´t find it in www.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. Great threads you have there. I don't have too many CC threads and usually use the DMC LHN designs substitute. This is a lovely design, I have never seen it before.


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