Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Exchange

Here is the beautiful fall exhange I received from my partner Becky.  It is a really lovbely piece stitched in DMC thread.  The designer Heart in Hand and the name of this design is Little Pumkin in the Patch.  Becky you have captured my idea of fall in this wonderful design and I thank you.

a closer look, you can see the little acorn embellishment

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome Fall Cube

This was a fun Fallc ube to put together, I sent it out on one of my exchanges.  I hope my partner will like it.  I also included 2 Debees counting pins that can easily be removed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Exchange from Natasha

Look at this lovely Halloween exchange I got!!  She made a beautiful Scissor Keep.  I adore the little pumpkin ribbon that surrounds the scissor keep.  I just love the design (The Drawn Thread - Kindered Spirits)  Thank you for all the extra goodies (kitchen towels, bucket full of candy, ribbon, fabric) and the wonderful card!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Biscornu from Bonnie

This beautiful Biscornu arrived in the mail today.  I love the green colors and the pretty button on the top.  This will look so lovely decorated among my Autumn decorations.
Thank you!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Biscornu from Sheila

I just wanted to share with you this beautiful Biscornu that I received from Sheila.  So feminine!  I love it!

Scary Jack by Shepherds Bush

Here is the "Scary Jack" I finished stitching.  Woooo they are spooky!! I used 32 count blue fabric to make sure the pumpkins stick out. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seasonal Stitching

Ah! the nice crisp air has started to come in and the leaves are slowly changing into their fall colors.  Fall and Winter are my absolute favorite seasons.  The xstitch bug has come back and I am ready to start.  Above I am showing you a design I made awhile back.

I am sure that most of you must have the book "Sweet and Simple Country Cross stitch", the design is from there.  This lovely design describes "fall" just the way I see it.

I will be asking my mom, who is amazing at sewing, to help me make something nice out of this, maybe a placemat (surrounded by nice fabric), a pot holder... not quite sue, but if you have any ideas, I am all ears!

Design and many other lovely ones are found in:
Sweet and Simple Country Cross stitch

Friday, August 20, 2010

Biscornu from Nita

Nita you did a fantastic Job stitching this biscornu.  The pattern is so pretty and dainty, I love that you stitched our initials and year on the reverse side, very creative.
                           Thank You!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Spring by Lizzie Kate

I received this in a Pillow Exchange that I participated in.  Even though there was a bit of trouble getting to me, I was glad it arrived,  It is stitched and finished with lots of care, the lovely bow is a nice finish.

As you can tell I haven't been posting over the summer.  For me summer is so short and so I take the time to enjoy the beautiful weather, plant my garden & flowers and spend quality time with my children and husband.

When the first leaf falls from the tree and the wind becomes crisper and colder..... that is when my stitching bug comes back.  So until then, I hope you take the time to enjoy your summer! 

Have a great one, be safe!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Hen Party by LHN

This was given to me as a gift for helpiong out a friend.  I really like this one, I find the hens are so cute and I love the beads that are used to bring out the corn.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

LKE From Becky

My R4 LK arrived and it is so beautiful. What a beautiful finish and such a great design!!

Thank you Becky

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Winter Forest Framed

I just wanted to show a post of my Snowflake Tree that came back from the framers.  I decided to put it in a frame rather than to make it into a cushion.  I tried to choose a frame that looked a little more like wood bark to match it.

What do you think?
Have a great day!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Biscornu from Karen

This is the lovely biscirnu that I had the pleasure to receive from Karen.  You really hit the nailonthe head with this one.  I love the fabric/thread color as well as the design. 

Thank you for this beauty that I will always treasure...

Thank you

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Petals and Purrs by Cross Stitch Collection

When my mom first saw the cat in the magazine she fell head over heals for it.  Unfortunately we did not buy the magazine that day and when we went back for it, it was already gone... SOLD OUT!!  I was lucky enough to be a member in a forum and made a request for the magazine.  After anxiously waiting I got an email back with someone who was willing to part with it.

Today I present you the kitten finished.  I will be giving this to my mom on Mother's Day.  I will be taking it to the framers this Saturday.  I will update another picture when I get it back framed.  She will be SO happy when she sees this, it has taken 4 years to get this done for her!!
Design was pucbished in Cross Stitch Collection May 2006

A beautiful palette of creams and browns has been used to create a lifelike
appearance to the kitten's fur

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are some charts I recently purchased.  I had fallen in love with "Chicken Love" when I first saw it.  Also my youngest daughter is crazy for Cows and so I thought that I had to stitch "Petite Vache" for her.  This will be my first time stitching from this designer but I am sure they will be great!! I will now go and see if I have the colors to start the cow :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Giveaway ****CLOSED****

A lovely Easter giveaway to all my loyal reader and followers, your comments are always appreciated.
Leave your comment and email address I can contact you for your chance to win
LA D DA "Earth Angel"
Twisted Threads " Easter Gingham"
                                                          WINNER IS PATTYC
Good Luck

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Homespun Hare by Heartstrings/The Artists Collection

Here is a little preview to the chart I am trying to finish in time for Easter.  There are 4 bunnies in the series, I am presently stitching #2.  There are Scotch Stitches and Mill hill beads to add.  The colors are really pretty, very pastel (just perfect for easter).

This is my little Easter Tree embellished with wooden eggs and two designs from Lizzie Kate's Spring Crazy that I finished off with felt in an egg shape.

Here is the link to their site for more designs: The Artists Collection

 Fabric: 28 count white evenweave
 DMC colors: 368, 210, 224, 3823
Mill Hill Bead 3045
Wisper Thread: White (tail)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mill Hill Beads Giveaway*** CLOSED***

This idea to giveaway some of my beads came while looking for some beads myself for one of my projects.  I had every number around 3044, but NOT 3044!!  I guess I will have to settle for 3045... I want to stitch this little bunny from Heartstrings "The homespun Hare", it is quite cute...anyway! lol

So here you go I am giving away 8 sets of BRAND NEW unopened Mill Hill Beads, the following numbers:

****The Winner is Virpi ****
Hope they will be great added to your collection and maybe they can fill in the missing colors!
Name will be drawn on SUNDAY MARCH 28 2010
Good Luck

Little Sparrow Stitch **Updated

I have a beautiful Maple tree in the front garden.  When we bought our home, couple of years ago, I also bought a birdhouse for the tree.  For the past couple of years, we have sparrows coming and making their nests.  The picture above is of the tree and the new little bird that has come to live and make it it's new home.

So, as you can imagine when I saw the pattern for the sparrow, I just had to stitch it. The design is made in full stitches and half stitches and a little of backstitching.  The legs were stitched 1 over 1 on the 32 count fabric.  The tail really comes to life with the half and full stitches.

an update to show it framed**

the colors were so similar to those of the sparrow

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Scissor FOB

I stitched this today for my friend Suzanne.  I hope that she will like it.  I used a hand dyed silk thread for the top of the FOB and a ready made "dangly".  I also added some beads in the middle of the flower.

The free chart can be found at this blog, Between crosses with Nina  Mini FOB .  It is quick to make and I think it makes a great gift.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Organized

I am freak when it comes to organizing my things.  Everything has it's place.  I just can't stand having to look for something.  Because of my 2 young children, I lost my craft room.  So now things are even in tighter places.  Also the fact that their little hands love to go through my things and pull off my DMC thread number papers!!  So, I have this little DMC carry bag that I use to organize my stitching that I am presently doing.  the bag zips up all around and also looks pretty neat when left out.

When you open the bag you get a nice plastic cover area where you can store papers ect... and it zips up.  It comes with the plastic organizer for your theads that are on the "stitchbow" system... mine aren't but I do use it when my threads are nearing the end.  In the middle picture I have added other see thru folders that are a little bigger for odd size projects. At the very end, another little area that is plastified with pockets to put your needles, hoops, rulers.

With these see thu pockets I can still see what each contains!

This is my travel version, just big enought to fit a project that I can take with me and stitch

Monday, March 22, 2010


It is always nice to top up your stash once in awhile.  My sister in law came over last night and brought  me some of DMC's Marbled fabric (aida), yes, I still stitch on Aida, it is only this year that I have started using linen/evenweave.  Also 3 packs of Linen (28ct), Holiday Light Effects and a box of 12 color variation threads (the patterns in there are pretty nice), the Newer version of all the DMC threads and some color infusion threads.  Pretty good packet?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Biscornu by Heirloom Embroideries

I was gob smacked when I opened the mail today.  All I can say is Wow and what a great design.  The colors are so soft and the specialty stitches are gorgeous.
Isin't it so beautiful?
I love everything about it.  The heart is just stunning

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Giveaway***CLOSED**

The Winner is...
Here is another chance for you to win these two beautiful charts: Just in Time for Spring & St Patrick's Day
Lizzie Kate Spring Crazy
Tanya Meehan Shamrock Tidbit

To enter the giveaway simply leave a comment on this post with an email address that I can contact you AND please leave a comment on any of the posts that I have made that you find interest you.
Good Luck
Drawing on March 17

Monday, March 15, 2010

LHN Exchange Snowflakes


This is the design that I chose to stitch for my partner Anna in Poland ( Anna's Blog ) in the LHN Exchange. I only stitched part of the design because I wanted to mount it on this basket.  I used filling so she can pin needles on as a cushion or just fill the basket with threads or simply decorate it.   

Fabric: Zweigart Hand dyed Mocha 28 ct

I love the snow on the tree

you can see that it is nicely puffed up to easily use as a pin cushion 

In her parcel I also included 2 charts:
Erica Michaels Signs of Spring
Dutch Treat Designs Angels watching Table topper 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Among The Roses by Just Nan

When I opened the parcel I had to rub my eyes as I could not believe how gorgeous this is.  The FOB that came along is so great, I don't have one of those and it just makes a perfect matching pair with the cushion.

Kate you have been great and spoinling me with all the extras.  I love the paper bird, you are so creative!  This will be treasured FOREVER! I love it!
Thank you xxx

look at the beauty! The FOB is just a perfect addition

just perfect! nestled amongst the flowers