Monday, January 1, 1996

Postman Pat

Another one for the kiddies

Teddy with Bagpipes By

Another pattern that has lots of detail and alot of color change.  I stitched this while I lived in England

Tatty Teddy by Anchor

The well know Tatty Teddy, this was  a free chart from Anchor.  I love this little guy.  It is intense to stitch because of all the grays, but worth it a t the end

Kipper on the Swing

I cannot remember where I got this pattern form.  I will look it up.

Kipper Series by

This was also featured in the same magazine

Kipper Series by

This was a design featured in................  I made this for my children, before I even had any.  I quite like Kipper and they do now too

Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny

This design appeared in a British magazine

Down At the Alootment By Cross Stitch Magazine

This was one of my bigger deigns when I first started stitching

Home Sweet Home By Debbie Mum

I have this hanging in the kitchen.  I just remember how much backstitching there was in this design.