Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street

These were stitched 7 years ago when my daughter started to watch Sesame Street.  Now that she is older and the younger one is following in her steps, I thought it was time that i put them in her bedroom to enjoy for a couple of years before they get taken down permanently...hopefully one day they will have children and pass them onto theirs.

Here we have Elmo and of course Oscar the Grouch.  I love how Oscar's "Go Away" sign is so dirty looking

Bert & Ernie look so lifelike, the color matching was fantastic.  And of course Cookie Monster with his chocolate chip cookies that are all "French Knots" for the chips


  1. Those are so cute! What a nice thing to have to hand down to grandchildren one day!

  2. I made the same Oscar the Grouch cross stitch for my son. I have it made, but it's not framed. :) I love all of them together! Great work!

  3. omg iv been looking for sesame street patterents! is ther any way possible maybe i could get a copy of the patterent from you???
    please email me please please pleas

    (if you could put subject as cross stich)

  4. Hello. I have found his blog looking for the drawing of the monster of the cookies. It is very nice. Please you can send the drawing to be able to do it. Send to I am very interested in the drawing and do not find it in any site. Thank you very much for his attention.


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