Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Decision

Above I am showing you the 2 wire Heart hangers that I have and the fabric to use.  I would like to stitch one of these designs but I cannot make my mind up which one.  Can you help me decide.  Here they are and what I am hoping they will looked finished as well:  CLICK ON the Voting Poll to the RIGHT and help me decide :)
                 this design is for the 12" wire hanger                      
         this one is for the 4" wire hanger


  1. Definitely the wreath. IMHO,of course.
    Love those hangers - wherever did you find them?

  2. The heart hangers are so cute! I voted for the wreath!

  3. I like the wreath the best. :) What gorgeous hangers Despina! Where did you buy them please? Also what is that great book that has your two charts in it? Inquiring minds need to know please. LOLOL


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