Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caring for your fabric


When it comes to cleaning my fabric after my stitching, I have come to trust this little cleaner above "Fabricare".  In the back it says that: it's formula is so mild and is used by museums to clean priceless textile works.  I guess after all the time and enrgy put into stitching my personal pieces they too become priceless to me lol.

I used to also use Woolite for delicates, the pink bottle and I loved it too.  The only difference with this, there is no perfumes, oils or additives, it contains 100% orvus (whatever that means).

So, my question to you is, What do you use to wash you precious piece once it is finished.  Is there something that you would NOT recommend using?


  1. i use orvus to wash my fabric, when i wash them. sometimes i don't wash my finished project.

    i think you can get it at the quilt shops. (i've also heard its a horse shampoo? but don't quote me.)

    i've been known to wash my fabric before i stitch on it to get some of the sizing out of it, stiffness or sometimes smell.

  2. That's a little bit of info I was not aware of.. especially the Horse part lol I will have to look into that one!

  3. I use Fabricare too. I bought it at my LNS several years ago and I highly recommend it.:)


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