Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's A Giveaway! ***CLOSED**

The Winner IS CINDY
You can win the following:
Words to Live by, by Carousel Charts
Farm by Carriage House Samplings
Rolling Hitch by Stitchin Spiration
Plato's Garden by Summer House Stitche workes 
 ***This is open to everyone***

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (with an email address I can contact you if you win)
you must leave a comment on a post that I have made, other than this one here of course (any post on my blog that interests you!)

I will draw your name on February 27 12PM 

Good Luck 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mill Hill Bead to DMC Conversion

Have you ever wanted to change a stitch for a bead?  Well now you can with ease.  In this file you will find a list of all the Mill Hill Beads and the DMC conversion for each one.  So next time you want to replace a stitch with a beads it will be easy peasy!!

Click here to get Bead Conversion

Monday, February 22, 2010

Crescent Colours

My order of crescent colours arrived.  The colors are so vibrant!  Since I have started stitching more LHN charts, they seem to call for these more often.

BUT!! I also found this beautiful design that I am dying to get my hands on.  It was in parts, 1/2 and 3.  Christmas land.  From what I gather it is a chart pack (incl. silk threads & buttons)  Has anyone stitched this before, I would love to see it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scissor Biscornu

I am very proud to show you this latest finish. It turned out even nicer than I had imagined.  I used the "rose stitch" to replace the heart and it shows up so lovely. It is adorned by lovely eyelet stitches and I like the green trellis. For this piece I used a gingham check fabric.  

I was lucky enough to have a pastel button to match in well with the fabric

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Forest by The Cricket Collection

I am proud to have finished this beautiful pattern from The Cricket Collection Book Number 79 (Nicholas Vander Claus)

I am not sure how to finish it off yet. Originally it is supposed ot be finished as a pillow, but I think I will hang it with a nice wire hanger.

Design size: 6.9" x 7.1"
Fabric: 28 count Monaco
Color : Tea
There were but 2 DMC threads used, White & 3790

each snowflake is different...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Stitch Red Exchange ARRIVED!!

Yes it came and this is what it looked like asI removed it from the bubble enveloppe!!  I was sooo excited!

And look what I found inside:

a Lizzie Kate Flip It Chart, beautiful fabric and this beautiful
double sided ornament!

...beaded and so perfectly put together

isin't it so beautiful?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Bird by Heart in Hand

This was a lovely gift that I had received many years ago in a Valentine Exchange.  I always hang it up on this special day.  Unfortunately I have lost the information of who stitched it for me, if you see this and recognize it, please contact me :)

Let me also take this moment to wish all my reader's a Happy Valentine's Day, hope you are being spoiled by the ones that love you xxx

so delicate...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Acron Biscornu

Here it is finished, and thank goodness for that.  My fabric was starting to fray near the end when I was slip stitching and I got into a panic. Luckily I got it all sewn up.  I used DMC 105 to give it that variegated effect.  I do like the button I chose to put as it almost looks like an acorn top.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

When do you find yourself stitching most?

I am asking this question because I really seem to be a winter stitcher.  I find it really hot and sticky to hold a needle in summer.  When the weather starts to get cooler and the cold is coming in, this is the time I like to snuggle up on the couch looking out the wintery window.

I bet I would get much more stitching done if I could do it year round, maybe I will give it a small try this year.

I would love to know what category you think you fall into by going to the Poll (top right) and voting.  Would love to read your comment on why you think you are a seasonal stitcher.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street

These were stitched 7 years ago when my daughter started to watch Sesame Street.  Now that she is older and the younger one is following in her steps, I thought it was time that i put them in her bedroom to enjoy for a couple of years before they get taken down permanently...hopefully one day they will have children and pass them onto theirs.

Here we have Elmo and of course Oscar the Grouch.  I love how Oscar's "Go Away" sign is so dirty looking

Bert & Ernie look so lifelike, the color matching was fantastic.  And of course Cookie Monster with his chocolate chip cookies that are all "French Knots" for the chips

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caring for your fabric


When it comes to cleaning my fabric after my stitching, I have come to trust this little cleaner above "Fabricare".  In the back it says that: it's formula is so mild and is used by museums to clean priceless textile works.  I guess after all the time and enrgy put into stitching my personal pieces they too become priceless to me lol.

I used to also use Woolite for delicates, the pink bottle and I loved it too.  The only difference with this, there is no perfumes, oils or additives, it contains 100% orvus (whatever that means).

So, my question to you is, What do you use to wash you precious piece once it is finished.  Is there something that you would NOT recommend using?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Biscornu from Gillie

What a beautiful surprise in the mail today.  The Biscornu is breathtaking.  I really love the way the thread changes color and the beads are so perfect.  I am very impressed!
Thread: Waterlilies Kelp - Fabric is a 28 ct Lugana 

I love the slip stitch around the biscornu, so much work was put into this
Thank you Gillie xxx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Autumn Leaves by Elizabeth's Designs

This design was stitched quite a few years back but never got around to framing it.  Finally it was framed today and I can display it with pride in my bedroom.

The pattern was given to me by someone in an exchange.  I loved it more because my birthday is in Autumn and it fit the occassion just nice.  There are many specialty stitches in this as well as specialty floss (well, back then anyway if it wasn't DMC it was specialty to me lol).

Design size is 4" x 7"
Specialty Stitches: Satin Stitch, Long Stitch, Rice Stitch, Algerian Eye, Smyrna Cross

at the end of the sampler a little antique gold squirel charm is nestled on top of the acorns
the acorns were stitched with DMC Pearl Cotton#8

satin stitch blockes were worked with Needle Necessities #8
adorned in the middle are Glass Treasure flowers mill hill (12451)

two colors of beads were placed as buds
Mill Hill 03025 & 03029
the main flowere was completed in satin stitches using
Needle Necessities thread once again

the pattern

Friday, February 5, 2010

Roses In A Row by Rico Designs

Here are three roses in a row by Rico Designs.  I made this for my mom who's birthday is next month.  I will put it in a really pretty and delicate frame to compliment the design.  I hope she loves it! 

the fine backstitching on the ribbon gives it body as though blown by the wind

 the colors blend together so beautifully

Design by Rico Design -  Country Traditions

Stitch Red for your Heart Exchange

I can finally reveal it.  So quick to do and I love the hearts all around.  I will finish this for my partner as a tin box cover.  The idea in the project was to stitch Red for your heart.  I thought it was going to be quite a challenge, but then I saw this adorable design and could not resist.
Here is the Link to the Freebie in case you would like to make one yourself.
Quakers From The Heart Tin Box Cover

The inside of the tin consists of a magnetic strip for the needles 
and a place for your scissors to be held

Here is the package I sent out to Becky
- 4 Diane Graebner charts (cats & quilts)
- A kitchen towel
- letter and chart of what I stitched

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Decision

Above I am showing you the 2 wire Heart hangers that I have and the fabric to use.  I would like to stitch one of these designs but I cannot make my mind up which one.  Can you help me decide.  Here they are and what I am hoping they will looked finished as well:  CLICK ON the Voting Poll to the RIGHT and help me decide :)
                 this design is for the 12" wire hanger                      
         this one is for the 4" wire hanger

Some Fabric Stash


Here is some fabric that I was lucky to receive today from a friend of my moms.
 As well as that flexi hoop, pretty interesting as I have not seen one before
Cashel Linen Flax
Pale Rose
Light Blue
Belfat Linen Olive (gorgeous color)
Lugana Mushroom
Pearl Linen, Dusty Rose
Cashel Linen Nature

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Help me decide

For February's SAL there is a choice of 3 designs.  Which one do you think would be best?  Vote in the Poll on your right!
******UPDATE******  It seems like the design won the Poll.  Thanks for helping me decide!

PLEASE VISIT  Sylvia's  FOR ALL INFO on this sal